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As a freelancer, I can help companies, managers and employees with various projects and tasks. With an agile mindset, I use my knowledge of psychology and coaching in my work.

I am happy to undertake to consult and workshops live, online and in hybrid form.

Business coaching/consultancy

Goal setting and self-development

A business coaching project usually consists of 10-12 occasions. In the first 2 sessions, I help the client articulate the goal they want to achieve through self-improvement. Then we move step by step through learning, tests, exercises towards the goal. I always edit some specific, personal toolkit, which the client can use in the future. My favourite vibrant place is Reggeli for these sessions, but I can provide a consultancy room. 


Find your new teammates!

For smaller companies or businesses, I help you find the right new employees when you need them. It’s usually about advertising editing, recruiting (ads, social media content), and selection (email and phone contact), which saves a lot of time and energy for the manager. The service can also be expanded by developing an employer branding and onboarding process.

Employee wellbeing and satisfaction diagnosis

Taking care of the most important part of your business

Organizational culture and employee well-being are apples of my eyes. I can measure the value of employee well-being and identification from time to time with valid measuring instruments. In this way, progress can be tracked and the main directions to be developed are outlined. Then we can create an action plan for the company. As a result, motivation increases and fluctuation decreases. 

Organization development

Psychohacks for your company

With regular, cyclical ceremonies, I can help you introduce an agile mindset (commitment, respect, openness, focus, courage). 

I believe in honest and transparent working methods, which leads to continuous learning and development as a team. 

Especially have experience in the SCRUM framework and OKR goal-setting model. 


Education and practice

A workshop is an ideal choice if you want to learn something quickly new and put it into practice. During the usually 4-6 hour sessions, we do not go too deep into the knowledge material, but it arouses interest and gives a group experience during the main tasks. The topics of the workshop can be agreed in advance together.  Or you can choose from my 3-4 hour "Psycho-tips" series, which will highlight exciting areas of psychology that can be used in business.

"I had a great time! I learned a lot about myself. It was energetic with super tasks."

Gyöngyi - Burnout prevention workshop

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